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Apr 23

TREND: Internet Stardom

“I got an email from the White House asking me to come chitty chat for a bit.” With this one quip, YouTube sensation Hannah Hart perfectly sums up the puzzling nature of her own influence. There was a time when the only online stars getting any traction were of the adult variety. But today, online stars are taking on social causes, having chitty chats at the White House, and this week, they’ve…

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Game of Thrones Interactive Map

Game of Thrones Interactive Map

Game of Thrones premiered its fourth season in early April, garnering the second highest rating in HBO’s history. Factoring in digital streams through HBO GO, as well as pirated copies, GoT is one of the most popular shows sprung from cable television. While many fans pick up the show after reading the series’ source material (A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R.R. Martin), others tune in…

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Seoul Counterpoint

DJ Spooky and CultureHub’s collaboration, Seoul Counterpoint, is a brilliant case study for the digital revitalization of the concert-going experience—not to mention a refreshing reversal of our tendency to withdraw inward toward our screens. The three-day show, which ran earlier this month, fused two performances taking place continents apart via telepresence technology. The result was a single…

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Apr 21


Companies like Tumblr and Twitter have helped make micro-storytelling the narrative trend-du-jour, but the new app “Spritz” may very well propel us back to a more “longform” era. Spritz’s mission harkens back to the glory days of speed-reading courses, which developed in tandem with the nineteenth century’s dependence on mass media. As information was made more readily available to the public,…

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Apr 19

Machine Project Field Guide to Grand Park

Machine Project Field Guide to Grand Park

Machine Project, a storefront space in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, hosts events and classes covering topics as varied as art, technology, natural history, science, music, literature, and food. It is also a loosely affiliated group of artist-performers who occasionally venture out from the storefront to perform at locations in L.A. and around the country. Their latest project finds…

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Apr 18

You Are Here

Cartography, simply put, is the study of maps. Once practiced by masters in the service of kings, the discipline is now understood to be the strict domain of government satellites and Google trucks. However, those who bemoan the loss of this ancient art need to look no further than “You Are Here,” the latest project from Sep Kamvar and the MIT Media Lab. The website bills the project as…

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Weekly Roundup 4/18/14

The Future of StoryTelling Weekly Roundup features the latest news, articles, research, events, and other highlights from the storytelling world.

Congratulations to The Guardian US, The Washington Post, Donna Tartt, and all the other 2014 Pulitzer Prize winners!

Shape-shifting furniture that adapts to your mood and movements? A team at MIT’s Tangible Media Group has just unveiled Transform, a…

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Apr 17

The New America

Since we survived Y2K unscathed, it seems the doomsayers of elder generations have a new apocalyptic story to proclaim: the moral and intellectual depravity of the millennium’s newcomers: the malevolent Millennials.

We’re all in big trouble, the story goes. We’ve got more old people on the planet than ever before, demanding our money and attention, and millennials, by some estimations, couldn’t…

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Nike+ Fuel Lab

Nike co-founder and legendary Oregon University track coach, Bill Bowerman, famously remarked that, “You have a far better chance in life winning as part of a team than as a individual.” It is in this spirit that Nike has launched the Nike+ Fuel Labin the SOMA district of San Francisco, aiming to partner with innovative technology, sports and lifestyle companies to develop athletic products that…

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Apr 16


“Storytelling,” said Brian Krzanich, “is no longer limited to a flat book, a flat screen. With the right technology … we can be immersed in story.” This is how Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, introduced The Leviathan Project at CES 2014. As Krzanich addressed his audience, dark presentation screens behind him lit up to reveal a giant whale floating across a luminous night sky. While Krzanich…

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